Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Deep Thoughts

John posted the story of a man, Lt. Eric Lomax, who was repeatedly beaten and tortured by a Japanese interrogator today. The link was emailed to him by Jim. I read the story in absolute horror, and then wrote the following comment:

My mind cannot wrap around the concept of inflicting so much pain and torture upon another human being, and for what? A radio? I know that despicable people throughout time have studied how much abuse a human body can take before dying, but the mental anguish suffered by the survivors is just as real and even more devastating.

I am equally amazed by our ability to forgive those who trespass against us, and I firmly believe this can be done only with the help of God. How else could we muster the strength to face, and forgive, anyone who has inflicted so much pain upon our lives? I don't think of myself as a deeply religious person- I can't quote the bible nor can I forgive myself as my Father has forgiven me... but I hope that someday I will, just as Nagase was eventually able to.

My mind just cannot fathom the dedication, courage, faith, and strength it took to inflict OR endure such beatings.

You really need to go read that story, and learn a very difficult lesson in human forgiveness. Follow the link back to John's site, because I'm sure he'll get more comments on this story than I will- comments that also need to be read.


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