Tuesday, March 06, 2007

If I can't have you.... no one can

What drives people to this state of mind? The whole "if I can't have you, no one can" mentality has caused the tragic deaths of former and current spouses, and even more tragically, children, throughout time. People so devastated by the thought of continuing their lives without someone they love, whether it a spouse or a child, drives them to kill. These so-called crimes of passion have devasting results, sometimes resulting in the death of children. Remember Susan Smith, who drove her young sons into a lake, still belted in their carseats, drowning them as she watched from the shore?

Apparently, it's happened again in Indiana. A 47 year-old man, Eric Johnson, had been on a trip with his 8 year-old daughter, Emily. Johnson, a pilot, seemingly ended the trip by crashing his plane into his former in-laws house, killing both himself and Emily.

What a state of mind, to feel your best option to resolve your future heartache, is to kill someone you love so dearly. What a state of mind, to know your father, whom you trust and adore, is purposely crashing his plane into Grandma's house- with you in it. How it must feel to know your ex-husband resorted to such dramatic lenghts to keep your daughter from you. I know how it feels to be disliked by in-laws, but never, ever, EVER would I consider harming them. It's just unthinkable.

What a tragedy.


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