Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I have to admit, when LL and SK told me that SnogDot would be traveling around DC with us, I had no idea who he was. I vaguely remember the girls telling me about the recent loss of his wife, but that's about it. I can tell you now though, that Snog is a VERY cool guy, full of shit one minute and full of compassion the next. The weekend just wouldn't have been the same without him.


You know that "life comes at you fast" commercial, in which the guy is driving around town, listening to his OnStar system, which tells him to "turn right"... he does, hits a building, and then OnStar says ".... in 500 feet"?? Well, we had a live version of JackStar in DC.

Poor Snog... had *NO* idea what driving around DC with LL driving would be like! Of course, SK and I knew, so we quickly got in the back of the van, leaving him sitting up front, making him the navigator by default. Considering he's an Air Force man, I'm sure this would not have been a problem if we were FLYING around the city. Land Nav is not a zoomie specialty.

So... there we were, driving back to the hotel, watching poor Snog realize the error of his ways. "Are you sure you don't want to sit up front, Sis?", thinking he's being a gentleman, but me realizing I'm just trying to preserve my life and well-being, turns him down.

Snog says "you need to turn right"... and taking him at his word, LL immediately starts to turn. I yell "ONE WAY! ONE WAY! ONE WAY!" and we swerve back on the road, laughing hysterically at Snog's wildly waving arms and cringing face. From the back seat, I say "DAMN... we need to get our JackStar upgraded to that 'IN 500 FEET, turn right' version." I swear, we nearly peed our pants laughing about our own personal "JackStar" system all weekend long.

Later that afternoon, Hook got to experience JackStar and added his own quote of the day. Oh man.. I wish I had his nervous smile and wide eyes on tape when he realized he was in the grips of a non-DC driver, LOLOLOLOLOL. I told him that if he ended up in my lap before the end of the afternoon, I'd understand. With a slight giggle, he says "The following commercial is a real recording of a JackStar conversation."

OH MY GOD.....
Hook is a very quiet, humble, controlled guy, and totally shocked the hell out of all of us with the JackStar commercial line. Holy crap... what a funny, funny day...

(now for the disclaimer... "no automobiles, animals or humans were injured in the making of this JackStar commercial, and we truly do appreciate LL's NYC taxi driver license")


  • AF Sister, you can rest easy,lol. It wasn't until TODAY that I put together the blog with the man I spoke to at the conference!!
    Talk about a delayed reaction!

    And yes, even the few brief moments I talked with him, he came across as awesome:)
    (of course, I didn't ride anywhere in a car with him,which it seems now might have been a good thing!!)

    By Anonymous Kathi, at 8:55 PM  

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