Monday, May 07, 2007

Thursday AAR

First of all, you have to understand that it took about an hour to get from DAY to BWI, and then it took another TWO HOURS to get from BWI to Arlington via Metro. DAMN.. long trip. You should also be reminded that I, as a Mommy, do *NOT* snore. I purrrrrr in my sleep. At least I don't purr and drool at the same time. That would be messy.

When LL, SK and SnogDot finally found their "lost duckling", I was exhausted, hungry, and thirsty for tall, frosty mug. They took me right over to the brewery, where I found out they'd been hanging out with some of my favorite bloggers: John & Beth Donovan, Doc & Heather, Hook, Mr & Mrs Greyhawk, Smash, FbL, and Holly. I was THRILLED! So many kewl peeps in one place, two days BEFORE the conference!

We wanted to stop at a package store on the way back to the hotel, but it was too late. Since we were at a micro-brewery, we asked if they had "beer to go", fully thinking we were asking a stupid question. But oh.. NO! YES! YES... you CAN buy nectar of the GODS to take with you! OHHHH HAPPY DAY! 4 brown gallon jugs of a most delicious wheat beer where brought to the table. So.. off we went to the car, me with my suitcase and laptop case in tow; Snog, LL and SK carrying the jugs of beer. I was highly disappointed we didn't get stopped by any homeless people looking for a swig. I've never looked more like a hobo in my life, LOLOLOLOL.

But the Thursday fun didn't stop there. Oh no it did not. After I jumped into jammies, unfolded my bed, and started what ended up being 3 days worth of uncontrolled laughter, "Bob" showed up. WHOOO HOOO! Haven't seen or even heard from "Bob" in a VERY long time. He ended up crashing on the floor, curled up with his cuddly-wuddly Army backpack. Let me tell you- that boy could give newborns lessons in "sleeping through the night". HOLY SHIT. We threatened to paint his face with makeup and his toes with hot pink polish if he wasn't awake by 10am. Sadly, we did not get to decorate this service-decorated veteran.

"Bob"'s alarm went off at O DARK THIRTY- and did NOT wake up "Bob". SK and I woke up, but couldn't figure out how in the hell to turn off the alarm on a Blackberry. Damn, that thing is LOUD. We tickled his feet, put the Blackberry next to his head, shook the boy. NOTHING. Unreal. As we were trying to shake the cobwebs off of "Bob", SK said "We have BROWNIES? Where in the hell did THOSE come from?" Me, being a chocolate fiend, said "WE HAVE BROWNIES!", and echoed the "where in the HELL did those come from?!?"

Take two drunken blogbuds, (hey- I was sound asleep at 5am, as was SK), a taxi service who refused their request to drive through Taco Bell and deliver some late-night burritos to our room, a sleeping desk clerk, and some unfortunate organization who ordered pastries but hadn't picked them up yet... and you end up with two boxes of brownies and cookies with legs. LMFAO

LL had me in tears from laughing so damn hard, telling us a story about some people she knows, the pastry boxes with legs, and what had transpired at Rock Bottom prior to my arrival. That girl... oh man. Sweet gherkin almighty she makes me laugh!


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