Sunday, October 07, 2007

*THIS* is why I don't run.

Organizers shut down the course four hours after the start of Sunday's Chicago Marathon because of 88-degree heat and sweltering humidity that left one runner dead and sent at least 49 to area hospitals. Another 250 were treated at the site.

...and from the same article:
There was another running death Sunday in Arlington, Virginia. An unidentified runner from Virginia died during the Army Ten-Miler, collapsing near the finish at the Pentagon.

Well, OK... dying isn't the only reason I don't run, but it sure as hell is on the top of my list now. That and the sweating. And huffing and puffing. And time. And ginormous tata's that bounce WAY too much.

But DYING is definately at the top of the list.


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