Thursday, January 03, 2008

OK, now lay down and act excited.....

Tell me.

You're a lingerie model hired to do a tv commercial for a jewelry store. The director asks you to "to sit and feign excitement for a few seconds" and then "to fake excitement while lying down, without smiling"..... would you REALLY be surprised if the final product made it look like you were having an orgasm?

Would you be offended enough to take legal action, because they tried to taint your good girl image?

OH PLEASE. Is she REALLY that STUPID???? I mean, COME ON. She was wearing lacy blue lingerie while her Man placed a diamond necklace around her neck as she "fakes excitement while lying down"... and it's NOT supposed to make us think that she's experiencing an orgasm???

Decide for yourself, but I think this chick is off her freakin' rocker if she thinks she can win this lawsuit.


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