Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 at My Puddle

American Soldier got me thinking about what I would see if my life flashed before my eyes. I came up with: Laying across my Grandmother’s lap as a child, as she scratched my back; the birth of my two boys; a meeting in the San Antonio airport; a parkbench in New York City, in the shadows of the former WTC’s; the rush I felt getting my first financial license; seeing the pleasure in my son’s eyes as he pitched his first strike-out; my younger son’s laughter and silliness; the touch of My Man’s fingertips on my skin; my Mom.

I asked the question "... if we, as American's, don't appreciate what we have, why, and what makes it so special, how can anyone else in the world understand it?"... and then proceeded to tell you the answer given by Romanian Cornel Nistorescu: "Only freedom can work such miracles." HOOAH, Mr. Nistorescu!

Anna Nicole Whats-her-name died. SO WHAT.

Liz and David Carroll were found guilty of murdering their foster son, Marcus Fiesel. Liz Carroll made news again last week after being denied a re-trial. Poor baby. NOT. Marcus suffered greatly in death; I hope like HELL that the Carroll's suffer greatly for life.

Kevin got a BUTT HOUND!

And... we had one hellacious ice storm. Trust me when I say that I can completely sympathize with John & Beth Donovan, who just made it through a similar ice storm.

Remember Me


Surrender Date

We're still praying you home, Matt.

On being a Virgo. (VirgOOO, not VirGINNNN, mind you.)

May means the Milblog Conference! Friday will be a day I will never, ever forget. Not one minute.

I was very tired. It's my only excuse.

I love Jeff Ruby... because he hates OJ too.

I'm a lewd banshee street performer with a texture similar to butter?? WHO KNEW???

I won't forget again. I promise, Alice. And I won't forget you either, SFC Jason Bishop.

Make Love, Not War!

A simple question, "Where's Larry?" leads to one my most embarrassing moments EVER.

Reason 8,259 why I Hate al Qaeda.

I will always love you, Aunt Sandy... and, like the hundreds of others who love you, we will never forget your smile, or your infectious giggle, or lust for life.

The "List Of Things I Don't Understand" grew quite a bit in August. Things I'll never understand, and things I don't think I could ever forgive.

1SG Keith got pegged in the airport with a name he's proud to carry: Soldier Daddy.

Another name I'd be proud of: Badass Marine. OORAH!

And my son found a new favorite restaurant.

Do you remember? I know you do. There's not an adult alive today who doesn't remember 9/11/01.

Welcome home, Sgt. Eddie Jeffers. You're in good company, Soldier. *sniff*

Summer vacation wrap-ups.

And... somewhere in the middle of September.. I turned 40, and I *STILL* can't believe I drove 140mph to celebrate!!


MacGyver came home, and Karen found out she's gonna be a grandma to TWINS. woah.

Firepower Upward. I still can't believe he's gone.

How come we lose men like Delaplane and Jeffers, but we can't kill cowards like William Garner????

And perhaps the best political quote this year... by Senator John McCain.

Refuting John's 10 Reasons Men Prefer Guns Over Women. heh.


The Ol' Lefthander rounded third and headed for Home one last time. Reds baseball just won't be the same without his smooth voice.

What is this a picture of?

I went AWOL for a while there.

Mike Huckabee: another idiot politician with a real shot at the Oval Office.

I'm not sure who scares me more: a presidential candidate whose first two acts will be establishing socialized medicine and ending the war, or a mother who helped her 6-year-old daughter win a Hannah Montana concert prize package by falsely claiming that her soldier daddy died in Iraq this year. *shudder*

Benazir Bhutto is dead, leaving Pakistan in turmoil... again. Damn. Just... Damn.


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