Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Fiddly Bits

Busy busy busy...
When I get online these days, it's to check email, read The Castle and Blonde Sagacity (who is in LABOR right now, about to give birth to her 3rd child!!!!), and check FoxNews and CNN. There were a few stories that caught my eye today that I just cannot ignore.

1. Ayers and Obama crossed paths more than just casually, contrary to Obama's claims. I about fainted when I came across this article on CNN of all places. SERIOUSLY. CNN is reporting that their relationship is much deeper than previously, and recently, reported. Way to go authors Drew Griffin and Kathleen Johnston!!

2. FoxNews reporter John R. Lott Jr. points out what every good Republican Conservative should already know: BIDEN LIED!!! And the media has reported lies by Palin that AREN'T LIES!!! I'd faint, but this is a FOX story, not a CNN story. It's about damn time someone points out how little Biden knows, and how badly he lied during the debate last week. How much you want to bet his excuse is "Well, you can't remember EVERYTHING correctly during off-the-cuff remarks". *groan*

3. I leave you with two stories from Mother Nature. One FREAKY and one FUNNY. The other night I had a dream about finding and cuddling with a big bear out in the woods (I am now convinced it was brought on by my cat, Claire, climbing on my chest during the night, and I must have starting petting her in my sleep, prompting the dream). After reading the "freaky" story, I shudder to think what I'll dream about tonight. Maybe I'll get lucky, and I'll have a "funny" dream instead, complete with flashbacks of the first time I heard the infamous 911 call by the guy who "needs a bambulance, cuz I gots a deeah in my car!'. BUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA... oh... that's funny


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