Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Special Place in Hell

A special place in hell is reserved for those who abuse and/or kill children- especially children they know.

For instance this piece of shit: Stanley Hall Jr.
He brutally beat his girlfriend's 2 year old daughter last summer, leaving her brain damaged. He got 7 years for child endangerment. Not enough, in my opinion. Although I have heard the prisoners have special treatment reserved for those who commit crimes against children, so that eases my mind.

I will never be able to ease my mind over this story though:

On Christmas Eve, 11 year old Heather Wessel was dancing around the house, excited about what surprises lay in store the next morning. Her family didn't have much money- the heat had been turned off, so they were relying upon propane heater to warm their house. She got too close to the heater, lighting her silken pajamas on fire. She suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns on her legs, back, and buttocks. Afraid that the police would arrest them over her injuries, the parents DENIED HER MEDICAL CARE. Instead, they laid her on her stomach and treated her burns with a dirty, wet t-shirt and lotion. Fredrick and Sharon Wessel... I hope you burn on this earth before you burn in hell for the torture you inflicted on your child for your own stupid self-preservation.

FOR TWO WEEKS she suffered. Over that two week period, her piece of shit child molesting father called paramedics twice FOR HIMSELF, due to care needed for his recent tracheotomy. Not once did they ask them to look at the girl. Six other adult friends and family members came to visit, saw the girl's injuries, AND DID NOTHING. This past week, a neighbor heard the girl's screams of pain and called 911.

Her burns are so bad she may lose her legs due to the infections and length of time it took for her to get even basic medical care.

I have tried for three days to come up with the right words to describe these parents, and I just can't. There just isn't a string of words long enough, harsh enough, or emotional enough to describe these people, or the six other adults who knew about her injuries yet did nothing. NOTHING..... Even her 14 year old brother did nothing, but he gets a break since he's still a kid, and was probably afraid of what would happen if he told. To give him credit though, he's told everything he knows to the police.

It makes me sick to think about how much pain she was in for two weeks- especially as her mother tried to slather her with lotion, touching and rubbing those burns with nothing more potent than Tylenol in her system. It just turns my stomach.

I don't have the words, but I do have a solution: DIE MOTHERFUCKERS DIE

(yeah, I know... it's a military video, but I can't help but to think about this song when I think about this egg and sperm donors)


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