Monday, August 15, 2005


I'm BAAAAAACK! Didya miss me? I'm sure you did...
Michigan was, well... Michigan. Kinda cold, but relaxing. But you know the blogworld- miss a week.. and you miss 7 days of ranting and raving. I totally missed the beginning of FbL's Project Valour-IT last week, but I'm happy to report that my presence wasn't missed. It's going GANG BUSTERS! Even got an MSNBC note. Whooo Hoooo! Way to go guys! You SO ROCK!

So... for those of you who have been living under a rock, let me explain Valour IT a bit. Capt. Z was injured last month in Iraq, resulting in hand injuries which make it extremely difficult for him to type. He asked for voice recognition software, and was rewarded with a program almost immediately. Multiple offers came in, prompting FbL to encourage Capt. Z to direct the additional offers to other injured soldiers. That turned into a Quest for our dear Fuzzy. With a bit of help, and incredible enthusiasm, she started Project Valour-IT which will hopefully provide 150 or so voice-activated software equipped laptop computers to EACH of 7 military hospitals around the world. The total cost? A whopping $600,000.00! But this is a long-term project- not something that will necessarily be accomplished overnight.

Soldiers Angels is providing the financial management end of things, which is really cool, because all donations will be considered tax-deductible. Corporations, foundations and individual donors are all stepping up to the plate to make this dream a reality. The first few systems are scheduled to be delivered within the next week or so- and fund raising just started a week ago! Can I get a YAHOOOO from ya'll? ****YAAAHOOOOOO**** Don't you just LOVE bloggers with passion?

So... get on it everyone, and let's raise some greenbacks for these laptops!

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