Saturday, August 20, 2005


When ALa updated her site, thanks to Web-Divas, I knew I HAD to get a new design for mine. I looked at their site, and saw this really cool design by Shara. I told her the following:

It's a very small blog... not much traffic, but it's fun. It's a place for me to vent, to brag, to lash out, to "hang my hat". The name, "My side of the puddle" refers to my stubborn ways, and my desire to express myself without reprecussion. I want my site to reflect my silliness, my patriotism, my girly nature, my passion, my giving nature (I LOVE being a Red Cross volunteer and supporting our soldiers however I can). I like the design Shara did that looks like the blog is "breaking out" of the screen. It reminds me of myself, and my use of the blog to "break out" of my persona and get back to my soul.

And THIS IS WHAT I GOT! I am SO EXCITED! Like ALa, I HIGHLY recommend Web-Divas for blog designs. WHOOOO HOOOO!


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