Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Random Musings

Bloodspite wrote a wicked cool post about Valour-IT. It needs no introduction- just go read it. It's THAT good. Or skip right to Soldier's Angels to make a donation.

Here's another great link for you- posted by Dusty at the Castle Argghhh! It's a fantastic post, featuring a speech made by Ben Stein recently. It's another "just go read it" post. So what are you waiting for?

Here's a link found by my husband which shows all military fatalities in Iraq (and few in Kuwait). When you push the red button, a map of Iraq will appear, and then these little dots will start popping up. If you select "Place Names" under Geography (on the right top sidebar)... you will see how many have been killed geographically. It's kinda cool, even though it's left-wing anti-war fodder.

And there's this intuition quiz that FbL posted on her site. I ended up 77% emotional and 62% scientific, which is supposed to mean that I am in tune with the physical and emotional surroundings of both myself and others. It also puts me in the "unusually smart" quadrant. Well, that's certainly up for debate- especially considering that after two days I couldn't get the ding-dong-dangle quiz to post correctly on my site! Oh well... go visit FbL and bump her numbers.

eeeb-ba-deee-ba-eeeb-ba-deee-ba... That's all folks!
(pretty lame attempt at spelling Porky Pig's studder, don't ya think? lol....)


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