Saturday, September 10, 2005

Addicted to Site Meter

I admit it. I'm addicted to my Site Meter. I LOVE going on there and seeing how people get to my site. Most of you are from the US and Canada, but I get the occassional European visitor. Many of you get here from my blogrolled buddies, like The Castle, Righty in a Lefty State and ALa's. A good number have been heading here from Web Divas to check out my web design.

Most interesting though, are the Google, Yahoo and MSN word searches:
blt dip
casey hilmer
disgusting girl (refers to a blog called "The Disgusting Girl I Work With" which no longer exists, but I get hits on it every day from all over the world)
bare breasts, boob feeding, mommy flashing her boobs, and even boobs feeding men
live like you were dyin'
4 inch/50 cal naval gun
how long the splinter will come out of my skin
Capt. colin kelly
wrong side of town pron
And my favorite....katrina picture kitty pron



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