Thursday, February 02, 2006

In the news

Last night I was FORCED (forced, I tell ya...) to watch the 11 o'clock news. Why? Because of this tag line: Iraqi girl in tri-state for burn care.

Cincinnati is host to several highly respected hospitals, including Shriner's, Cincinnati Children's, and Christ Hospital. Shriner's provides free care to their patients. FREE. CARE. TO. EVERY. PATIENT. All of their patients have severe burns or orthopedic conditions, and they are all children. Their patients come from all over the country, and sometimes... all over the world.

Cincinnati Shriner's is a 30 bed facility dedicated to burn care. It's one of the 4 Shriner's hospitals which specialize in burn care. The other 18 are orthopedic. It's a BIG hospital- but only has 30 beds. Much of their space is utilized for research and making the patient's stay more comfortable by making the hospital more like a little town instead of a sterile hospital with tiny rooms and white walls. I've been to Shriner's on many occassions for business and Red Cross visits. It's an incredible place- unlike any hospital you've ever been to. Many of their patients are long-term residents. They really go out of their way to make the patients and their family as comfortable as possible. It's an incredibly cool place that I hope I *never* have to go to again, but I'm so grateful that it's here in Cincinnati. I know a nurse and a researcher there.. and I don't know how they can handle it. I really don't.

Through the sponsorship of a doctor in Lexington, KY, Waghdan Al-Jayashy will receive burn care at Cincinnati Shriner's for the next year. A bomb explosion left her with second and third degree burns from her chin to her waist in 2003 when she was only 9 years old. The basic first aid care she received at the Iraqi hospital wasn't sufficient enough to allow a full recovery. She's had trouble breathing ever since the blast and her scars were not properly treated, leaving her skin extremely tight restricting her movement.

Shriner's do incredible work- they're not just all about wearing those crazy hats and riding around in tiny cars at parades. Trust me on that one.

And in other news.....
I posted about a custody battle raging in Cincinnati last week. The mother, Sharicka Watson, tried to give up her 7 week old baby boy for adoption, but the father, Glenn Spraggs, stopped the proceedings. The courts awarded legal custody to the mother, pending DNA testing of the father to prove paternity. I was SICK. Outraged that the courts would demand that this mother take custody of a baby she didn't want.
As it often turns out... there are two sides to every story. As reported by the Cincinnati Enquirer, this couple has an 18 month old daughter and the 2 month old son she tried to give up for adoption. She felt she couldn't provide the life for him that he deserved, and neither could the father, who was in and out of their lives. She gave up custody to better her child's life- not because she didn't want him as was previously reported. Both Sharika and Glenn are going to try to raise these children now. I hope they're making the right choice and get some help with parenting skills.

I feel much better now about her ability to mother those babies. She gave up the baby for adoption to better his life- not because she merely didn't want him, like this headline says "Mom doesn't want him; Dad can't have him."

It's half-assed stories like this that piss me off the most about MSM coverage. And you know what else pisses me off about this? It's the same damn reporter covering BOTH stories... with no apology issued to the mother for announcing to the world that she "didn't want" her baby.


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