Monday, February 06, 2006

Snow in the Queen City

I went to work on Saturday morning, and happened to have the digital camera with me.
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These photos show my favorite lunch spot- on the shore of the duck pond in Eden Park. On really nice days I'll go there and lay down on the grass under the trees and just relax.

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This one shows my view of downtown Cincinnati on my way home from work. The "twin towers" are P&G's headquarters. The Locals refer to them as The Dolly Parton Towers. hehe!

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And this one is a really crappy picture, but what do you expect from someone driving on the highway taking pictures out the front window? The bridge is the 471 bridge over the Ohio River geading into Kentucky. (The Locals refer to that as the "Big Mac" bridge, because of the golden arches. Get it??? Golden Arches. Big Mac. Yeah. I know. Midwesterners enjoy simple humor. You should see the "Purple People Bridge" off to my right- it's a big purple bridge for walking between Ohio and Kentucky. It's so frikkin' weird.) I live in Ohio, and work in Ohio, but drive through Kentucky to get to work every day. Go figger.

OK. Enough of "my Cincinnati life". Back to work, you slackers!
(oh yeah. I'm the one blogging from work. *nevermind*)


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