Monday, May 22, 2006

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday... the day before Monday

(that's my Big-Time Professional Moto-Cross Announcer voice, in case you were wondering)

By the time I got to the house on Sunday, Ry was covered in red paint and swearing off any good deeds for a while, lol. Poor guy. After spending the better part of Saturday on the house (and Thomas's baseball game- they're undefeated you know! WHOO HOO! GO BOMBERS!), I was ready to do something fun with the boys. Besides, my vertigo was really preventing me from doing much else around the house. I finished spreading the mulch (NO SNAKE! YAY!), and sprayed Round-Up on the weed jungle otherwise known as un-attended flower beds lining the driveway. Then.. it was off to an afternoon at the zoo with Kevin. (Thomas decided to go fishing with his Dad).

Kevin LOVES animals, and he LOVES the zoo. So do I. We saw polar bears, gorillas, the giraffe, elephants, all sorts of cats, monkeys and lemurs, wolves, otters, goats, and a whole host of others I'm forgetting. Taking the boys to the zoo has always been one of my favorite things to do. I just love it, and being with my little comedian always makes things even more interesting.

When he was 3 and Thomas was 6, we took the boys to the Indianapolis Zoo with a friend of mine and her family. The polar bear was Kevin's favorite animal at the time, so when we finally found them, he was transfixed. The exhibit features an area where you can partially observe them swimming- like an aquarium with water about 3 feet deep above ground level. This polar bear swam right up to the glass and was nose-to-nose with Kevin, then pushed off and swam on his back for a bit. Flipped, and swam back up to the glass, nose-to-nose with Kevin. This went on for several minutes, much to our delight. About a dozen people started gathering around, watching the bear swim.

People kept saying things like "OH! Here he comes again! Look- he's right up against the glass! He's right in front of that little boy! Just look at how BIG he is!" After a few minutes, Kevin said "It's not a boy polar bear- it's a girl" (because he noticed everyone kept saying "he" instead of "she"). Everyone looked at me with this "HUH?" look on their faces, so I had to ask.

Yes, I HAD TO ASK. "Kevin... how do you know it's a GIRL polar bear?"

To which he replied "Because SHE's always on HER BACK, Mommy."

Oh. MY. GOD.... Did he just say that? Oh yes he did.... just look at the faces on the people around us as they slowly, purple-faced, backed away from Kevin. OH. MY. GOD... where in the HELL did he get that?

Several months later, my Dad thinks he figured it out. This happened when Kevin was very much into sexes- which one's the mommy animal and which one is the daddy animal. Dad thinks he remembers Kevin asking him "which one is the mommy?" one day (over and over again) while they were watching a nature show. Dad simply answered "I don't know- the one on it's back"... and that was it for Kevin. From there on out, all animals on their backs were the mommy's.

So, there we were yesterday, looking at the giraffe. It was feeding time, and the giraffe was hanging out by the zookeeper's gate. It would walk around in a little circle, but end up next to the gate everytime. We had a very good view of the giraffe, even though it wasn't close up. This one Mommy kept saying "Here she comes again- maybe she'll come all the way over here this time". Kevin spoke up and said "It's not a girl giraffe... it's a boy"


I didn't have to stop myself from asking that question though. He answered it all by himself.
"Do you see his belly? Do you see that 'fing' hanging offa his belly? Whenever you see one of those 'fings hanging from their belly- it's a boy."

Oi. Well, I couldn't correct him- he was right. It was a boy, and it did, indeed, have one of "those things" hanging off of his belly. I'm just glad he didn't notice this monkey's *ahem* when we were at their exhibit. Fortunately, he was more interested in laughing at the monkey's mowhawk and handlebar mustache.


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