Monday, May 22, 2006

Search Me.

No... really. Search Me.
Sort of.
It always amazes me what kind of searches people enter in Google or Yahoo and end up directed here.
Aliyah's jungle booty (um. ok.)

big brother bathnight (sure hope Big Brother isn't watching me on bath night- I'd hate to be responsible for his blindness)

assignment of nanophysics (You! Over there in the back row! Your assignment tonight is to figure out why AFSister is getting hits on searches involving nanophysics!)

can a bird whistle through its pecker (depends on which pecker you're talking about)

boob malfunctions (must be those new bionic ones with the automatic lift gate)

dog shit make hydrangeas grow (still yet to be proven)

help my virgin sister (sorry- I can only help virgin brothers, and I'm not interested in those either)

how to flirt with a guy at t.g.i. friday's (perhaps your virgin sister could use this lesson)

how does tesco prepare for disaster (with silver-bells and cockle-shells, and pretty maids all in a row. Hey... if you're gonna prepare for a disaster, you might as well enjoy it, right Tesco?)

kitten pitchers (phew. thank GOD I didn't get a hit for 'kitten catchers' or 'kitten outfielders', because I don't know anything about those positions)

mascara wand accident photos (BE CAREFUL, OR I'LL POKE YOUR EYE OUT WITH A MASCARA WAND! Come back and fight, you ninny! It's only a flesh wound!)

playing-with-his-penis (darn monkey... next thing you know I'll be getting hits for the masturbating bear)


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