Friday, June 23, 2006

CNN Headlines

CNN Top Headlines today, Friday, June 24, 2006: (my notes in italics)

Top al Qaeda member captured: "He is known to be involved in facilitating foreign terrorists throughout central Iraq, and is suspected of having ties to previous attacks on coalition and Iraqi forces." The funny thing is, the title of the article is "Bombing at Iraq mosque kills 9", and the capture of the unnamed al Qaeda leader is merely a footnote in the article.

U.S. trolls for terror funding: When the Times notified the administration of its plans to report on the program, the administration made Stuart Levey, an under secretary at the Treasury Department who overseas the program, available to comment on the program to both the Times and the Journal. Levey told the Journal that he fears that "sophisticated terrorists will now stop using the system in ways we have access to, or will take extensive precautions to hide their identities, and that is really a loss." So... the US is "trolling" for terrorist funding outlets... and this is a "problem" that just has to be reported in both the New York Times AND the Wall Street Journal? EXCUSE ME... they are trying to cut off funding for terrorist networks, yet the MSM calls it "trolling"?? MORONS.

Oil giant Anadarko buying two rivals "We are creating a combined company with industry-leading positions in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico and the Rockies, two of the fastest-growing oil and natural gas producing regions in North America," Anadarko CEO Jim Hackett said in a statement. That's just fine... as long as they pass through the extra profits to the consumers in the form of reduced prices. YEAH RIGHT. Like THAT'S gonna happen. Just look at what adding gas pumps at Kroger stores did for their bottom line, not to mention the record-breaking profits experienced by Exxon/Mobile in 2005.

Soldiers' brutal deaths confirmed to families Relatives of two soldiers who disappeared in Iraq during an insurgent attack comforted each other Thursday after the military confirmed two brutalized bodies found this week were the missing men. IT'S ABOUT GODDAMN TIME... THIS IS THE 4TH STORY LISTED IN "HEADLINE" NEWS. But the story doesn't condemn al Qaeda for their deaths... oh, no. That wouldn't be "good news", would it. No. Instead they quote the family as saying "Julieta Vasquez, Menchaca's aunt, said the family was angry that the men had been left alone by their better-trained colleagues. "We're mad at the Army," she said. "My nephew and the other soldier, they were alone." " HOW ABOUT BEING MAD AT THE FUCKING INSURGENTS???

Cheney plays down calls to strike N. Korea "I think, at this stage, we are addressing the issue in the proper fashion ... obviously, if you are going to launch strikes at another nation, you better be prepared to not fire just one shot. The fact of the matter is, I think, the issue is being addressed appropriately." Cheney told CNN that, while "I appreciate Bill's advice," such an action could worsen the situation.
My boy, Cheney, bitch-slaps William Perry, Clinton's Sec Def, and Ashton Carter, Clinton's assistant secretary of defense, after they called for a pre-emptive strike to destroy North Korea's nuclear missile. In other words, STFU Bill and guys were Sec Def's under Clinton, the man who nearly single-handedly destroyed our military capabilities and let things like the USS Cole attack go unpunished. Yeah... like we're really gonna pay attention to your advice now. MORONS.

U.S. warship knocks down test missile The latest test of the U.S. missile defense program is the seventh time in eight attempts the military has successfully shot down a target with a ship-based interceptor, the Pentagon said. North Korea, William Perry and Ashton Carter, take note. We have the capability, and we will use force if necessary, so don't push the issue and try launching a "test" missile. 7 out of 8. Pretty good odds in our favor. Again, I say to you....America, fuck yeah! Comin' again to save the motherfucking day, yeah! America, fuck yeah! Freedom is the only way, yeah! Terrorists, your game is through, 'cause now you have to answer to... America, fuck yeah!

Mexico questions 6 in police, civilian beheadings Three Mexican police officers were killed after a large group of armed men -- possibly as many as 100 -- surrounded their cars Tuesday night in a remote part of the city, about 15 miles (24 kilometers) south of the U.S.-Mexico border, authorities said. The officers were responding to a report of a possible kidnapping. The mutilated bodies of the three officers and an unidentified civilian wrapped in blankets bound with tape were discovered Wednesday morning in an empty lot, police said. Police later located the four heads in the border city of Tijuana, across from San Diego. Um.. yeah. Just one more reason to PUT UP A FUCKING WALL AND MOAT! Jesus H. Christ... and they wonder why we don't want just anybody wandering across the border? This happened 15 miles from the US!

*blah blah blah... stuff about storms in Ohio, "Idol" winner McPhee talking about bulimia, viruses at tattoo parlors and Mr. Clean*

OK. So let me get this straight.
According to CNN, the "top" stories today include: 9 people being killed when a bomb explodes outside a mosque, but there's hardly a mention of the fact that a top al Qaeda leader was captured, nor any outrage over the fact that insurgents planted a bomb at the holiest of all places for Muslims?
The US Treasury following money trails to terrorist organizations is now considered "trolling" for information?
Anadarko is expanding and Exxon/Mobile and other top fuel companies are making record profits... yet no one is doing anything about the incredibly high prices being paid by the consumers?
Mexico is "investigating" the murders of 3 police officers just south of our border, but yet no one seems to recognize the danger that poses to the US?
WaPo is promoting two panty-waist ex Sec Def's idea to launch a pre-emptive strike against North Korea, but Cheney's rational and sound response to CNN is waved off as being soft on nuclear arms control?
We successfully knock a missile out of the air during a test, but article closes on a down note, saying that "National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley said earlier that the $11 billion system has "some limited operational capability." " Limited? Yeah. I'd say they were "limited" to defending us against a nuclear attack!
Our soldiers being horribly mutilated and killed gets blamed on OUR Army- not to mention the fact that is is the 4th story listed, and not THE headline story? (although, I have to admit, I wasn't too happy about learning that these Pfc's were left on their own during an attack. But that's something the Army will take up with the NCOIC of the mission, and not something that the US Army itself should be blamed for) Where is the outrage over how our soldiers were killed? Where is the outrage over the REAL torture these men suffered, and not just being frightened by a dog or being put in a really cold (or hot) cell? Where is the story covering the 500 WMD's found in Iraq in recent years? Where is the story on how many raids since Zarqawi's death have resulted in top al Qaeda leaders being killed or captured?

WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE! My guess.. it's in Iraq, in the hearts and minds of every US Soldier, Marine, Sailor, and Airman over there. And there's a lot back home, in the hearts and minds of every supporter of those soldiers. Too bad the MSM isn't one of those supporters.


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