Monday, June 19, 2006

I am *so* not a wuss..... or a slacker....

Out of the house by 8:00am, and on to the new house. Gathered up the new locks and took them back to Lowes to be re-keyed. Bought 20 bags of mulch.
*ring ring* "Mrs. AFSister? This is Mattress Warehouse. We're running ahead of schedule and should be at your house in 20 minute." SHIT.
*runs to car... hurries home*
*arrives just as delivery truck arrives, and signs for mattress*
Now for the fun part: Putting the bed together. I tried putting it together Thursday night after mowing the lawn, but I didn't have the right bolts and had to go back to the furniture store to get them. So... I start putting the bed together Saturday morning after the delivery.
*OUCH! she says, as she hits her shins for the up-teenth time on the frame*
(you see... I do not have a drill, so I was putting it together with a screwdriver and hex wrench)
*commence screwing*
*SHIT! I just stripped the f'in bolt! SHIT!... MANUALLY.... WITH A HEXWRENCH! No wonder my hands are sore*
OK. Bed together, best as I can get it. Now for the mattress set. It's a king-sized bed, which has 2 twin box springs and one gi-norous mattress. I put the box springs down... and THEY DON'T FIT. SHIT. I have to adjust the frame... which means unscrewing, and re-screwing (if that's even a word).
Alrighty then.... box springs fit. Now for the mattress. Did I mention that it's GI-NORMOUS? And I'm by myself?
*OW!!!!!! Dang it... hit my shins AGAIN... boy, is that gonna leave a mark*
*collapses on new bed with a huge ka-thud*

After dragging myself out of the bed, making it (looks SO COOL!), I head out for lunch. Yep. It took me 4 frikkin' hours to get that done. But I SCORED. BIG TIME. I went to Toys R Us and they had a pretty good selection of "Cars" toys! I picked up what I could, stopped at Wendy's and delivered the new toys to the boys. I figured Thomas could use a pick-me-up after losing their first baseball game of the season that morning. The boys were siked... even though their Dad had taken them to Walmart right after the game and had gotten some of the same cars I found at Toys R Us. Let me tell you... those things are hard to find!

I kissed the boys goodbye, and headed back to my house for more work. I started with the door handle.
It was the wrong finish! ARGGHHH!
*UNSCREW* Boxed it up... back to Lowes to buy a replacement.

Home again, home again... jiggity jig.
On with replacing the door handle and deadbolt.
*commence screwing*
And then... painting Kevin's room.
*commence rolling*
And then... 20 bags of mulch.
*commence back-breaking distribution*

Somewhere in there the neighbor came over and removed the bidet from the master bathroom. (the house was originally built by some Russian brothers who installed it. Kevin thought it was really cool to have a water fountain which looked like a toilet in my bathroom... "LOOK MOM! The water shoots ALL THE WAY TO THE CEILING!")

It is now 9:30pm, and I am WOOPED... so I crawl into the bathtub, jets on high, and nearly fall asleep. I drag-ass out of the tub, relax for a bit in the new bed, and drive back to hubby's house around 11. When I get there, ready to fall into bed, I find hubby asleep with both boys on our bed. Snoring. I crawl into Kevin's bed and CRASH. *thud* Asleep in seconds.

I manage to f-up breakfast for hubby, who went to church early. Sorry. I also didn't think much about the card Thomas picked out for him. It was picture of a little boy and his Mom, back in the 50's, and said something like "Dad just spent 45 minutes in the bathroom. I think we need to move". At the time I thought it was funny, and Thomas had picked it out all by himself. But after seeing hub's face, I realized he took it as a divorce thing. *sigh* Sorry... again.
I think the best Father's Day present I could have given him was to stay the hell away, so... I did. The boys (mostly Thomas) and I cleaned up the living room while he was gone, and I left almost as soon as he got back.

I headed out for my parent's house. They're in Alabama for the weekend, but I had some work to do over there. I decided to put mulch out for my Dad for Father's Day, since he's been doing so much work on my house he hasn't had time to do it.

25 frikkin' bags of mulch, and two trips to Home Depot to buy them. Oh. My. God. And two toads. Only one of which peed on me when I picked him up. I lurv frogs and toads.

I showered, and headed back to my house. On the way, I stopped at Target and bought birthday presents for Kevin while waiting for my dinner (I ordered ahead at Quaker Steak). After eating, I spackled the boy's bathroom, sanded and painted some decorative surf boards, and hung a couple of kitchen cabinet doors. By this time it was 8pm, and I was WOOPED. AGAIN.

Headed back to the hub's house, got the kids in bed, surfed the 'net for a little while watching tv, and CRASHED. HARD.

SO.... you see? I am not a wuss, or a slacker. I am TIRED!


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