Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Cuddle Bandits

Yeah... that's what I decided to nickname the THREE raccoons who have been ransacking the garage at night. I finally caught the little bastards doin' the dirty deed last night.
But they were SO DAMN CUTE! Makes you wanna scoop 'em up and cuddle. OMG... who could resist their little masked faces? Not I, said the fly. Obviously, I did not scoop them up and cuddle, make them a midnight snack, or tuck them in bed, but I did snap a few pictures. Raccoons can be NASTY NASTY NASTY creatures, but these little guys were abso-frikkin adorable. Oh- and I named them.

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First of all, Tim the Toolman. This little dude is VERY social. He stayed on top of the trash can, milling about, licking up the remnants of a Krispy Cream doughnut, while I was observing them. When I put the garage door up, hoping to shoo them out the door, he scrambled and hid behind a toolbox. When he ventured out...he didn't go far- he decided the lawnmower looked like a perfect place for a critter hideout. He was SO damn cute!

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Then, we have Harry Potter... in his invisibility cloak... "hiding" behind a basketball on the shelf. When I first opened the door from the house to the garage and saw my new roomies, he was helping Tim ravage the Krispy Cream bag. But as soon as he saw me... he climbed up behind Thomas's go-cart, and up onto the shelf. Silently and stealthy, he was, like a sniper or something. I halfway expected him to pull out a machine gun and go Al Pacino on my ass, squeaking out "Say 'allo to my li'l frien!" while taking me out.

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And last but not least... David. As in Copperfield. When I first went out, Tim and Harry were on top of a garbage can. David, however, was IN the open can. All I "saw" of him for about 20 minutes was rustling garbage. When he finally came out, he saw me, did this amazing "hanging off the old miniblind in the garbage while swinging my body up and over the sheet of drywall" trick. And there he stayed. All I could hear was a little sniffing from behind his shield. Heh. Maybe I should call him The Great And Powerful Oz.... "pay NO attention to the raccoon behind the drywall."

Welp. There you have it. My new roomies: Tim, Harry and David. Now... how in the HELL do I get them to MOVE OUT!


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