Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Discarding our children

What would lead a couple to adopt a child who had been under their care as a foster child, only to want to discard him a few years later? In February, 2000, a troubled 9-year-old boy came to live with Helen and James Briggs of Alexandria, VA. Helen fell in love with the child, and convinced James to adopt the boy. They had been foster parents to many children over the years, but had never adopted any of them. But this boy... he was special.

Well, he was special until 2003 when, at the age of 12, he sexually molested a 6-year-old boy and a 2-year-old girl. Now his adoptive parents want to "un-adopt" him, saying that the full extent of his mental disabilities and a history of abuse was not disclosed to them prior to adoption. Helen Briggs says she was not informed that the child has been in five different foster homes since the age of 16 months, and that his drug and alcohol addicted parents abused him. The Briggs' were unaware of his violent tendencies or his bi-polar diagnosis. They were simply told he was ADHD. Now, they want to un-adopt him, releasing them of any liability for his medical care or legal bills.

I'm throwing the "bullshit card".

How could you have a child under your care for a year without seeing any of these violent tendencies? Why would any parent (foster, adoptive, or natural) withhold medicines from a child simply because they didn't feel it was necessary any longer? The boy, now 16, has testified that he wants Briggs to be his mother "forever", and asked to be put on a suicide watch when a Virgina judge granted the petition to relinquish parental rights. Since being removed from the their home in 2003, Helen has only gone to visit him four times. The last time Helen saw the boy, she asked him if he missed her... he said yes, then she walked away.

This child has been through HELL... and until Helen took him off of his meds, she felt he was a loving, sweet, adorable child. Now he's a bitter, depressed, angry teenager who doesn't feel loved or accepted anywhere due to the fact that so many families have given up on him- including two sets of "real" parents.

My God.... my heart just pours out for this child. I say "SCREW YOU, HELEN AND JAMES BRIGGS". YOU had a hand in this situation, and instead of dealing with it, you "un-adopted" your child. SCREW THAT. She's taken on foster children over the years for the income- because she's on disability and this was "the only way" she could suppliment the family income. She even got extra money for taking in this child because of his medical disorders. Don't sit there and tell me you were *that* unaware... BULLSHIT. They don't deserve to be foster parents anymore- even though they have received new wards since 2003 and have been named the legal guardian of a 5-year-old girl. I wonder how long it will be before they decide she's just "too much trouble" and discard her too.


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