Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A dog, a cat... and me

Once upon a time, there was a girl. She loved animals- especially cats. But, sadly, her cats did not like dogs. Understandable, considering that one of the cats was nearly killed by a dog when she was just barely a year old.

This girl (we shall call her AFSister), has had cats for almost all of her adult life- including one who is now 15 years old. This oldest cat, MamaCat, is a crusty old cat. If she was human, she'd be one of those blue-haired ladies who wack you with a cane for misbehaving, but shower you with butterscotch candies when you're good. MamaCat tolerates dogs. She growls if they come too near, but has rarely attacked.

Enter... The Dog.
The girl's parents have a lovely chocolate Lab. We'll call her Maggie, since, well... that's her name. The girl's parents had to leave town on an emergency, so the girl took Maggie home with her. Upon first meeting, one cat literally climbed the wall and hung onto the window pane for dear life, and the other growled and hissed, but kept her distance. It was then that the girl decided it would be best to keep the cats in her bedroom for the duration of the dog's stay.

Enter.. the problem.
MamaCat escaped to a different bedroom in the house. During the attempted extraction, she was startled by the dog... and proceeded to not only chew the ever-livin' daylights out of the girl's finger, but also lost all bladder function. Nice. It quickly became obvious that the girl needed medical attention, due to the considerable swelling and redness. One GI-NORMOUS shot in the arse, and one prescription for some equally GI-NORMOUS antibiotic horsepills, and the girl was on her way home.
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