Monday, February 26, 2007

MSotP Headline News

I was *THRILLED* to see that 74 year-old Vietnam hero, Major Bruce Crandall, was awarded the Medal of Honor today in Washington, DC. (I am DIGGIN' that Cav Hat, btw..!) He was recognized for heroism displayed 41 years ago, during a battle in the Ia Drang Valley. Over a period of three long days, Crandall, along with fellow MoH honoree, Major Ed Freeman, helped save the lives of more than 70 men. Their story was made public with the Hollywood production of "We Were Soldiers".

US and Iraqi forces seized a large cache of weapons containing Iranian-made components for EFP's (explosively formed projectiles) that fire a slug of molten metal capable of penetrating armored vehicles.
But... Mr. Bush! Iran has NOTHING to do with the current war in Iraq! Why in the world are you worried about THEM? *dipshit Democratic leaders... TAKE NOTE OF THIS*

Late last summer, a heart-wrenching story unfolded very near my home. 3 year-old Marcus Feisel was bound in a blanket, taped up, and left in a closet for the weekend while his foster family attended a family reunion. When they returned, Marcus was dead. His foster father took his body out to the country and burned it down to nearly nothing. According to the prosecutor, what was left of his body would fit inside a small styrofoam cup. Last Thursday, the foster mother, Liz Carroll, was found guilty and on Friday was sentenced to 54 years in prison. Today the foster father, David Carroll, entered into a plea deal leaving him with a 16 year sentence. This whole case has been tragic from the beginning- a mother gave up her autistic son to the county, saying "He's YOUR problem NOW", leading them to place the child with family who ultimately killed him.
Words do not express my outrage... When the Carroll's left for their weekend trip (a family reunion), they left Marcus tapped in a blanket in the closet... but they took their DOG with them. (note: that link, of all of them, is the one you need to read... trust me. Pay attention to the jury's opinion of Amy Baker and the dog comment.) They had more respect for the well-being of their pet than they did that little boy. Oddly enough, it was David Carroll's live-in girlfriend, Amy Baker, who turned them in and told the police what happened. (yes, live-in girlfriend- with his wife and children, Amy's children, and little Marcus) She was granted immunity, but there is speculation that other charges are fothcoming.

A park in Marcus's memory is being built this spring, just a few miles from the park he supposedly disappeared from last August. The park has been funded entirely from donations, and will feature areas dedicated to mentally and physically handicapped children. The park was planned before Marcus's death, but upon his death, it was turned into a memorial park in his honor. One more note- the agency which placed Marcus with the Carroll's has been shut down by the state of Ohio. I guess some good comes from all bad.


Enough doom and gloom.... "It was just one of those God moments." That's what Heritage Academy basketball coach Steve Offutt had to say about Tuesday night's game against Silver Grove. Thing is, Offutt wasn't talking about his own team, or even the outcome of the game (which Offutt's Heritage team LOST by nearly 50 POINTS). He was talking about one player's efforts, and the crowd's reaction. Junior Josh Neace... someone you should know. Go read it.


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