Friday, January 16, 2009

Calling in COLD today

Wouldn't that be nice? It's a wee bit nipply out there. Staying in bed all day sounds sooooo goooooood. But, I got up. And on my way to work, my Mom (who works for a local school district) was off today due to the cold. I can't believe it... they got a COLD DAY. beyotch.


Everyone who isn't under a rock probably knows about the incredible Hudson River landing that Capt. Sully pulled off yesterday. The worst injury was a lady with two broken legs. Everyone has been absolutely amazed by the pilot's skill and dedication to the safety of his crew and passengers. Once you read this article though, it all makes perfect sense: Capt. Sully was an Air Force F4 pilot, served on crash investigation teams, has been flying for US Airways for 29 years, and owns his own safety consulting business. He's made a career out of flying and surviving disasters, and it paid off for 155 very grateful people and their families. I love that.

If ever there was a man to be at the helm during a crisis... it was meant to be this man.

HOT DAMN! God was certainly on their side yesterday.


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