Thursday, January 22, 2009

A sign of the times

As the song goes, this is a new day. We have a new administration at the helm.
Some people see it as bright and sunny... I do not. I am less than happy about our new president or the things he wants to do.

Considering Obama's track record of saying a lot but doing nothing, I was really hoping his presidency would be that way. There's very little on his agenda that matches anything I want to see happen.

That's not happening.
I suppose that could be seen as a good thing, because now I have something real and tangible to bitch about instead of just waiting around to see what he *might* do.

He's closing Gitmo. He's stopped the trials. And he has absolutely no idea what to do with the 250 inmates. Let me be clear: If you are still in Gitmo 7 years after the towers fell, you are there for a VERY good reason. Period. You should be there, or worse.

However... due to the failure of the Bush administration to actually charge, try, convict and sentence these men, Obama is going to let them go. Gitmo is the biggest failure of the Bush administration, and unfortunately, it's one of the most important things he should have accomplished.

I read recently that of the Gitmo detainees who have been released and followed, most have returned to a life of terrorism and crimes against America and our allies. And those were the ones we didn't have enough proof to hold! Beauty.

But it's ok!
Ex-Marine John Murtha has a solution!
Send 'em all to me in Pennsylvania- we'll take care of them! I have no problem harboring terrorists! They're no more dangerous than anyone else in my district!

What a dick. I have a feeling the people in his district have a HUGE case of voter's remorse right now... the first of many, I'm afraid.


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