Thursday, March 05, 2009

Bittersweet Rescue

Off-duty police officer and US Coast Guard Petty Officer Lava-las Luckey came across a horrific scene yesterday: A wreck involving entrapment and a burning car. While fellow police officer tried to free the driver of the burning car (the wreck involved a trash truck and two cars), Luckey rushed through the crowd, reached in the back of the car, and removed a badly injured, but alive, little girl.

The little girl was flown to a local hospital, but unfortunately, the mother was declared dead at the scene.

Understandably, PO Luckey has been quite shaken by the ordeal and hasn't spoken out about it, but his Commander, Steven Hendershot, did:
"Whether it was his training shining through or just his courage, we are very proud of Petty Officer Luckey and we hope that any of our coasties would have done the same thing."

I have to agree. Training, courage, and personal conviction made him put his own life in danger to help that little girl. What a hero.


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