Monday, February 09, 2009

Roger Barnett... I applaud you!

Roger Barnett, rancher from Arizona, has been fighting illegal immigration for a decade by rounding up the illegals as they cross his land and turning them over to the Border Patrol.

Over the past 10 years, his house has been broken into, his cattle has been killed, and his property has been vandalized by illegal immigrants crossing over from Mexico. He's a one-man INS agency, turning over 12,000 illegals over to the Border Patrol due to his efforts to protect his property.

He's had cattle killed both by the illegals and because they ingested garbage left behind by the illegals, damaged his water tank, stole trucks, broke into his house, destroyed fences and gates, and left trails of garbage and human waste all over his property. Sure, he threatened them- he was armed with a gun and was often accompanied by his dogs... but he was protecting his property! And now, a group of 16 of these illegal asswipes are SUING HIM FOR $32 MILLION FOR VIOLATING THEIR CIVIL RIGHTS!

They don't HAVE civil rights- they're ILLEGAL. They're CRIMINAL. They were rounded up and handed over to the authorities who sent them back across the border. And now, four years later, they're crying in their cerveza about the guy who caught them! I say... GOOD FOR YOU, MR. BARNETT! Give 'em hell, my friend... because it would seem that you're doing more to protect our borders than our government is, and now they're turning their backs on you.

Not only are they turning their back on you, Mr. Barnett... but the governor of Arizona has been picked by President Obama to lead the Homeland Security Department. OH JOY! HAPPY DAY! The head of the department supposedly in charge of keeping us safe and securing our borders will not support a man who has single-handedly caught and turned over 12,000 illegal immigrants!??
Of course, why should I be surprised? This is the same president who is allowing a tax evader to run the IRS.

Doomed. DOOMED, I tell ya!


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