Thursday, February 09, 2006

Move to Ohio if you can't pay your fines

Apparently, if you're "too poor" in Ohio, you can break the law, not pay the fine, AND not go to jail for it now. And if you *did* go to jail for not paying your fines, Hamilton County now owes YOU damages.


"Yes, yo honah, I has da monies to git gazz fo my cah, bu' I don' have da monies to pay my speedin' ticket cuz it ain't the furst of da monf yet"


According to The Cincinnati Enquirer, "Most of the poor defendants were charged with minor infractions, such as traffic violations". You know what I say to that? TOUGH NOOGIES. If you can't afford to drive (including the cost of gas and insurance)... DON'T DRIVE. If you can afford to drive, but can't afford to pay fines for moving violations... DON'T BREAK THE LAW.

Under the proposed settlement, people who "couldn't afford to pay their fines" and were jailed for it, would be entitled to a cash settlement of $118.00 per day jailed.

Damn. Makes me wish I hadn't paid that $40.00 ticket a few years ago. I could have made money on that deal.


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