Friday, October 13, 2006

The Word Of The Day Is.....

Pronounced "ree-neck-er-ize".
Defined as "somefing you renember from before" by my 6-year-old son today.


I love "baby words". They crack me up. Thomas used to say "marsh-o-doh's" and "ha-gerber" instead of "marshmallows" and "hamburgers". And yes, we used to go to "Ha-gerber King"; not "Burger King". He also used to say "dah-doo" instead of "oops, I dropped it"; "li-lul" for "little", and "yes-pect" instead of "except". SO cute. Thomas had such an incredible vocabulary he didn't have many baby words. When he started talking he said "ki-hee" (kitty), "cu" (cup), "bah" (ball) and then came out with "hydrau-kiss" (hydraulics). And yes- he knew what the hydraulics on trucks were and what they did on that particular construction truck. But, the baby words are all gone now, with "yes-pect" being the last one to disappear when he was about 7.

Kevin is 6, and is losing his baby words almost daily it seems, but "renember", "reneckerize" and "bluther" still exist. "Bluther", btw, is "brother". I don't wear much makeup, but about two weeks ago, I put on eye shadow. Kevin asked me why I was wearing "eye polish" that day. He also calls pitching a fast ball a "speeder", and insists on calling cheeseburgers "hamburger wif cheese on it". If I order a "cheeseburger", he gets all frantic, thinking I've ordered the wrong thing.

One of my favorites is "Wha-You", which is what he used to call Thomas when Kevin was just learning to talk. We were at Thomas's soccer game, yelling "GO THOMAS!", when 1-year-old Kevin blurted out "GO-GO WHA-YOU!" Apparently I used to say "THOMAS! Where Are You?!?!" a little to often. Heh.

Baby words... don't you just love them?


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