Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Happy Predator Day

Yeah, I know.. there's only 40 minutes left in the day, and I'm late to the party, but....
Did you know that 4/25 is Alice Day? Alice Day was created by heterosexual pedophiles to celebrate the abuse and exploitation of little girls, and was named after the childhood storybook character, Alice in Wonderland.

Sorry, but I just can't see any world in which sexually abused and exploited children could be considered a "Wonderland". "Sick, Disgusting, Pervert Land" is more fitting, don't you think?

When watching the video above, pay attention to your guide's thought bubbles. The world of pedophelia is disturbing and unthinkable, but we as responsible adults have GOT to be aware that this sort of "love" exists. These people actually think they LOVE the children they are abusing and exploiting. That just flabbergasts me.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Boys of Summer

As a child, I watched my Dad play softball with the determination of a guard dog- snarling, aggressive, assertive, confident, and very good at his job.
As an adult, my Dad watched me play t-ball in complete dismay and embarrassment- I struck out more times than I actually hit the ball off of the tee. Yes. Off Of The Tee.
Being a perfectionist Virgo, this did not please me, OR my Dad. He was one of those fathers, yelling things like "GAHDAMMIT, SIS... WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING!?!?!?! GET YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME! THEY OUGHTTA BENCH YOUR SORRY ASS!", and other loving, encouraging advice like that. It's no wonder I didn't play t-ball for more than one season, and quit soccer after 3 or 4 seasons, even though I was a really good soccer player. I did learn a lot from him though about how to truly be a supportive parent of an athlete.

Many years later, I married a man who is a natural competitor. No matter if you're playing cards, bowling, softball, volleyball- doesn't matter... he'll beat you without putting a lot of effort into it. Bryan is a natural athlete.

I am happy to say that Thomas inherited his father's athletic gene. He still has some "mom" in him though, so he's an excellent fielder and pitcher but can't hit the ball for shit. Last year he hit a grand slam home run his first at-bat of the year... didn't hit the ball again all season long. Not even once.

In order to further perfect his pitching skills and develop hitting skills, I signed him up for private coaching sessions at Champions Baseball. I cannot even begin to tell you what a difference it has made! His pitching coach is Buster Keaton, former Milwaukee pitcher. His hitting coach is Steve Larkin, who played throughout college and is the brother of Cincinnati Reds' player Barry Larkin. They are WONDERFUL with Thomas. Gentle, coaxing, encouraging, and really take the time to make sure his form and style are accurate.

After last night's session, I mentioned to Steve that I can't hit a ball to save my life. The boys knew this already, and overheard the conversation. Steve said that maybe he'd get me up to the plate next week, and give me a "life-saving lesson in hitting a baseball". lolol.

So... we're on our way home, and my conversation with Steve came up.
Thomas said "But Mommy, *I* want to teach you how to hit!"
Kevin replied, a little too enthusiastically... "YEAH!!! Then we can get on 'Funniest Home Video's!' "

I'm not really sure how to take that.....

Sunday, April 15, 2007

This makes me sick

2-year-old Peyton Duschl, playing on the playground of Victory Villa Elementary School this Saturday, suddenly started crying and screaming.
Grandma rushed over, and sees a horrifying sight: Peyton's legs are covered with 2nd and 3rd degree burns. The source of the burns? Industrial-strength drain cleaner, stolen from the school, which was splashed all over the playground equipment.

Little Peyton, my heart goes out to you- and your parents and Grandma too.
Whoever did this... I have the deepest desire to see you suffer from a long and painful death, including sulfuric acid burns like the ones suffered by that baby. You are one sick, sick bastard. I don't care if this turns out to be a group of houligan teens- that is just beyond hateful. What in the HELL drives people to do shit like this!?!!!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

I *hate* being a Virgo


Observant, shrewd, critically inclined, judicious, intellectually inquiring, methodical and logical, studious and teachable.

But the outward lack of feeling may, in some individuals born under this sign, conceal too much emotion, to which they are afraid of giving way because they do not trust others, nor do they have confidence in themselves and their judgments. This is because they are conscious of certain shortcomings in themselves of worldliness, of practicality, of sophistication and of outgoingness. So they bring the art of self concealment to a high pitch, hiding their apprehensiveness about themselves and their often considerable sympathy with other people under a mantle of matter-of-factness and undemonstrative, quiet reserve.

Excellent eye for detail but they may be so meticulous that they neglect larger issues

Their self distrust is something they project on to other people

Their faults, as is usual with all zodiacal types, are the extremes of their virtues. Fastidious reticence and modesty become old-maidishness and persnicketiness; balanced criticism becomes carping and nagging; and concern for detail becomes overspecialization. Virgoans are liable to indecision in wider issues and this can become chronic, turning molehills of minor difficulties into Himalayas of crisis. Their prudence can become guile and their carefulness, turned in on themselves, can produce worriers and hypochondriacs.

They are such perfectionists that, if things go wrong, they are easily discouraged.
It's this last part that gives me the most trouble. That, combined with self-distrust is a nasty hit to the self-esteem. I wish I could read things like this and say "Zodiac signs are such a load of fortune-telling CRAP!'.... but in reality, I can't, because it really does say a lot about me and I really don't like it.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Marge: So, what did you children learn about today?
Bart: Hell.
Homer: Bart!
Bart: Well, that's what we learned about. I sure as hell can't tell you we learned about hell unless I say "hell," can I?
Homer: Eh, The lad has a point.
Bart: Hell, yes!
Marge: Bart!
Bart: (Singing) Hell, hell, hell, hell, hell, hell, hell, hell, hell, hell, hell, hell, hell.
Marge: Bart, you're no longer in Sunday school. Don't swear!


BUWAHAHAHAAhhhhh.. that is one of my absolute favorite episodes of "The Simpsons".
It's not cussing if you're referring to the place, right?
It's also not cussing if you're saying "HAIL".. "HAIL HAIL HAIL"... while this is hitting your car, along with straight-line winds and torrential rain.

(flower garden in my front yard, covered with pea-sized hail)

I swear. I have driven through some SHIT weather- but I've never driven in anything like that. I honestly thought I was driving into a tornado- they are often accompanied by hail, and the wind... ohhh baby. The news said I was driving through straight line winds gusting up to 60 mph, in addition to the rain and hail.

Lost in Translation

Organizers of the 2008 Beijing Olympics are cracking down on Chinglish signs around the city. What is "Chinglish", you say? It's what they have named English-Chinese translated terms that don't quite make sense. Things like "Careful Landslip Attention Security", which, translated back into Chinese, reads something more like "Caution- slippery floor".
My favorite?
A billboard that reads "Shangri-La is in you mind, but your Buffalo is not." If you can figure that one out, your "Chinglish" is MUCH better than mine!

I wonder if that means no "flied lice" for dinner during the Olympics.... hmmm.

OK. I'm off to ponder the Shangri-La in my mind and look for my missing Buffalo.

Monday, April 09, 2007

3 Long Years

The war in the Middle East may be 4 years old, but for those of us in Cincinnati, the past 3 have been torture. It's been exactly 3 years since Matt Maupin disappeared. So much has happened during those 3 years, none of which the Maupin family will ever share with Matt. They hold out hope that he's alive, but secretly, I believe they know he's gone. I no longer hold out hope that he will be found alive. Instead, I just hope that his remains are found so that the Maupin's can give him a proper burial.

I don't know Matt, nor do I know his family... but I have met his father, and his parents' house is only a mile from my ex-husband's house. It's right down the street from the school my oldest son attended last year. On a regular basis, we drive by the bus barn his mom works at, complete with yellow ribbons and signs made from red, white and blue drinking cups placed within the chainlink fence surrounding the bus yard. We go by Veteran's Park, where Matt's light shines, hoping to guide his way home someday. Every day I see Matt's presence in the form of yellow ribbons tied around mailboxes, fence posts, light poles, telephone poles, and trees. When I go to Joann's Fabric store and Michael's Crafts, I pass right by the headquarters of Yellow Ribbon Support Center. When you see a yellow ribbon magnet on a car in Cincinnati... you know it's in Matt's honor.

Every year I write about Matt. Every.Year. And every year, I hope the story will change- that some sign of him will be found and brought back to his parents. Every year.. the story never changes. Matt disappeared in Iraq 3 years ago today. Tonight, a thousand friends and family will gather to raise money for a scholarship fund in Matt's memory. I hope to be amongst those thousand tonight- we shall see. Even if I'm not, you can bet I'll be amongst the hundreds of thousands who remember Matt, and will never forget the honor and dignity his parents have shown over the past few years.

In a country half a world away with bombs exploding near
The soldiers who risk all today
are sons and daughters dear
Throughout our land the candles glow . . .
a million vigil flames
And in voices heard by God alone
the message is the same

We'll pray you home
wherever you may be
We'll pray you home
and for a world at peace
Look to the sky and know tonight
You never are alone
The stars are heaven's candlelight
As loved ones pray you home

We're praying you home, Matt. Wherever you may be.

Friday, April 06, 2007

A few eggs short of an Easter basket

(h/t to JMH for Hit the Couch. hehe)

And then there's this, your weekend entertainment, because it's kinda long. *TOTALLY* Un-PC.... (which means you guys will love it, you sick bassids. LOLOLOL)

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

One more reason I'm proud of Jean Schmidt

US Rep. Jean Schmidt is *MY* Representative.... and I'm DAMN PROUD to admit that. Here's just one more reason why- her latest newsletter to constituents:


Washington, DC - During last year's Congressional campaigns, now Speaker Nancy Pelosi promised, "Democrats will demand and deliver a fiscally responsible budget." Last week, the Democrats had their first chance to deliver on that promise. Unfortunately, for America's families, seniors, small business owners and future generations of Americans, the budget resolution we considered last week delivered everything but fiscal responsibility.

Not only does this budget resolution virtually throw fiscal discipline out the window and dramatically raise taxes -- in some cases by more than 100 percent -- it will also increase our spending by the billions. And yet there are no cuts in the budget that seeks to offset this extra spending. What is even more alarming, these tax and spend proposals will end the President's tax relief that has fueled our national economy.

Speaking of our economy, let's first take a look back at where we came from before we discuss where we are today.

Since 2000, our economy has gone through a lot: a recession, the corporate scandals, natural disasters and terrorist attacks. President Bush and a Republican Congress responded by enacting fair, pro-growth tax policies in 2001 and 2003. The results have been magnificent. As a whole, our economy has been growing ever since.

The numbers speak for themselves. Just a few highlights include five uninterrupted years of growth; more than 7.2 million jobs created since August 2003; our national unemployment rate at 4.5 percent, is below the national average of each of the past four decades.

Clearly, the tax relief packages were a boon to American taxpayers. But what has it meant to the federal budget? In 2006, federal tax revenues grew to $2.4 trillion, a 12 percent increase over 2005. Since the tax relief packages were fully implemented in 2003, tax receipts have increased by 35 percent and the deficits have continually declined. Lower taxes have led to increased federal revenues - it may be counterintuitive, but it is true. The point is we are getting closer to eliminating the deficit because we are generating revenues through lower taxes and an expanding economy.

So, as you can see, now is not the time to put the brakes on our thriving economy. Unfortunately, the House passed a federal budget blueprint last week that seems to do just that.

It is hard to cut through the partisan rhetoric, but I hope to shed some light on what this budget increase means to you - to all of us. First, the budget divvies up $2.9 trillion in spending for this year alone. The spending will fund entitlement spending - things like Medicare and Social Security; discretionary spending - programs that we are not legally required to fund; and defense spending.

I have heard many times that we need to curb wasteful discretionary spending. The $24 billion increase in discretionary spending included in this blueprint will not accomplish these goals. In fact, it does just the opposite.

Second, the Democrat's budget assumes that the tax relief enacted in 2001 and 2003 will be allowed to expire in 2010. Moreover, it assumes that the increase in federal revenues will continue even though the tax cuts that spawned them will be eliminated.

Third, the budget includes what are called "reserve funds." Reserve funds essentially set aside funds - funds that we do not yet have - to be spent on specific programs. There is a $20 billion reserve fund for the new farm bill and a $50 billion reserve fund for the State Children's Health Insurance Program. Since the $70 billion needed to fund these programs is not available, committees will need to find those dollars from somewhere else in the budget.

Where will they find the dollars? You guessed it. The American taxpayer.

Finally, the budget recently approved by the House does nothing to slow the growth of entitlement spending programs. So as baby boomers begin to retire - an estimated 77 million - resources of Social Security and Medicare will get scarcer. According to the CBO, the federal budget cannot be balanced in the next five years unless the growth of entitlement spending is adequately addressed.

As your Representative in Congress, I will continue to vote against any economic policies that will put the brakes on our economic growth and prosperity.

(and no, she did NOT vote for that ridiculous surrender/war funding bill, and yes, she's the freshman who told Murtha that "Marines don't cut and run- COWARDS cut and run")

GO JEAN!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Dear Gutless Fat Cats in Congress....

I've been fairly quiet on the SURRENDER bill passed in Washington over the past couple of weeks. I did write a screaming post about it last week, but one of the things included in the bill that I didn't write about is the pork they included.

Army mom Cathy Floyd addresses this quite nicely:
They sweetened their little bill with ridiculous pork projects, paid for by us, and designed to bribe a few congressmen who were on the fence, trying to decide if they should go with what they know is right for the country and for our servicemen or if they should play politics in order toimprove their chances of holding on to their dream jobs.

A little money thrown in to the decision-making process usually helps to clear up all the confusion.

They sicken me.

I'm tired of them playing their games.

Indiana Representative Mike Pence had this to say about the pork included in the war funding bill: "Spinach, shrimp, peanuts, and shellfish? That's not a war funding bill, that's the salad bar at Denny's." The bill, officially called the "US Troop Readiness, Veterans' Health, and Iraq Accountability Act" includes the following unrelated spending measures:
-$25 million to spinach growers to offset 2006 losses due to to E. Coli scare

-$120 million to shrimp farmers due to Hurricane Katrina damage, plus another 45 million to offset losses due to disease last year

-$74 million to restore federal support for peanut storage

-$200 million to dairy farmers

-$2 BILLION in foreign aid, including $500 million to Lebanon and Eastern Europe

Even Texas Republican Representative Ron Paul, who has always been opposed to the war in Iraq, said "I could not support what appeared to be micro-management of the war in this bill. There is a distinction between the legitimate oversight role of Congress and attempts to meddle in the details of how the war is to be fought. The withdrawal and readiness benchmarks in this bill are in my view inappropriate."

Mrs. Floyd, I hope you know you've got a ton of people out here who fully support you AND your sons. It sickens me to think we've got a government full of "gutless fat cats" who are giving up on Iraq and our military. No one ever said that war was easy or pretty, or for the weak and cowardly, but apparently our nation is being led by just that sort of politician. They've passed a larded-up war funding bill which includes farm subsidies for no other reason than to fast-track spending that would otherwise debated and delayed- and for good reason.

I'm tired of playing their games too, Mrs. Floyd. I just wonder when the rest of America will wake up and realize that war is not Yahtzee- you can't roll the dice and expect to win when the right numbers come up.

(h/t to Leta for Mrs. Floyd's letter)